Australia live news update: Jenkins report finds one in three face sexual harassment in parliament; fifth NSW case of

The member will be aware that that was a report that I commissioned, Mr Speaker, that I commissioned.

And Mr Speaker that led to the process to developing that report, to the decisions that were taken for the additional facilities, Mr Speaker, that are being completed in Victoria, in Queensland, Mr Speaker, in Western Australia.

Mr Speaker, those facilities are important, not just for what we may have to face next year for the more severe cases that might have to be taken.

And as we’ve discussed those with state governments, but for future pandemics that might present in the future, and that’s why we have invested in those facilities. So Mr Speaker, I would only encourage those opposite, as Australians continue to push through this pandemic.

And as we continue to face these new variants of concern, and Omicron is a variant of concern, but we’ve dealt with many before.

What I do know, from certainly the premier of NSW, and I appreciate the measures that they’ve taken in relation to this most recent variant, and I believe the view was also headed by the Victorian premier, that we don’t want to return to those arrangements that were put in place for those quarantine facilities.

That is in hotels, Mr Speaker, that they are moving now to home quarantine, home quarantine and isolation. And that is how we live with the virus and we live together with the virus. Now those opposite have been playing politics with this pandemic for 18 months.

Mr Speaker, Australians know that our government has worked closely with others to ensure that we have one of the highest vaccination rates in the world.

We are one of the strongest economies coming through this pandemic of the economies in the world. And we have one of the lowest fatality rates, Mr Speaker, of any country in the world from Covid.

So what part of those three results, what part of those three results, Mr Speaker, that many other countries, in fact most around the world, would happily exchange places with Australia to achieve?

Why is it that this opposition constantly throughout this pandemic has not sought to support but has only sought to undermine for their petty political benefit?

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2021-11-30 04:05:45

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